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Our philosophy:
"Treat our guests as if they are in our home."

About us

Our goal: Become "a destination to many."

Norma G's Detroit is the opportunity to provide our Caribbean cuisine in a casual atmosphere with a level of service that transcends how we treat our guests when they visit our home. It is the next phase of our food concept—building our brand from the food truck to a full-service restaurant. Our goal is to create such an atmosphere, tasty authentic Caribbean cuisine, quality service, and a good cocktail, that we become a "destination" to many.

Our philosophy: "Treat our guests as if they are in our home."

Norma G's Detroit and its team have one goal in mind: treat our guests as if they are in our home—courteous, respectful, and with warmth—and to treat each other alike. We offer our guests a comfortable tasty and thirst-quenching experience.

Who was Norma G?

This is truly a time for me to share what my mother always demonstrated and exemplified. She always welcomed people into our home, whether we had a lot or a little. Sharing was a very large part of her heart. When someone came to our home, whatever we had, food or drink, she freely shared without hesitation. She was a teacher for many years and showed a level of professionalism at all times. Her cooking was simple but was always done with love and care. All these aspects of her character are what show me what I need to be; how I need to act. Food is one of those universal things that allows people to come together and to take what is within us and express this outwardly. Not just in the cooking, but in the eating.

Why Lester Gouvia opened Norma G's

For me, after many years working in the corporate environment and being downsized, Norma G's allows me a chance to demonstrate what I have dreamt about for quite some time. It is a chance for me to demonstrate my professionalism, an opportunity to share my culture, and to deliver an experience for others that they will remember and want to return for more.

As owner and chef, I am excited to continue growing my craft, delivering a quality product, being innovative with my food, and making sure to leave a smile on your face when all is said and done. Eating is not just for nourishment, it needs to be fun & it needs to bring people together. Enjoy!

Lester Gouvia, Owner